INTELLIFAI For Smart Hospital
For Smart Hospital
China's First Vendor-Neutral Medical
Imaging AI Platform
What We Provide?
Helping partners for success brings our own success
  • Partner

    Broad access to Chinese market

    Generous revenue sharing

    Local data/technical support

    Testbed for product improvement

  • Platform

    Compatible Viewer

    Integration into workflow

    Deploy algorithm fast

    Private Server and Cloud-based

  • Hospital

    One platform one installation

    Cutting-edge AI technologies

    Local technical support

    Empower doctors

Product Features

Transform the unacceptable implementation and security challenges resulting

from deploying medical imaging AI algorithms separately into a single turn-key platform

  • AI Server

    Private Server hardware solution

    with proprietary software for

    hospitals to run on site.

  • Hybrid Inference

    Combine cloud-based inference

    with experts opinion for remote

    medical service.

  • DICOM Viewer

    An interactive user experience to

    view DICOM medical image, and

    accept, reject or adjust AI results.

  • Algorithm Adaptor

    Algorithm container compatible

    for different language to run on

    the same platform.

  • Security Management

    Multi-layer protection for medical

    data and algorithms.

  • Match Engine

    Self-adpation system matching

    algorithms to image modality.

Hospital Partners
Working with the key opinion leaders in China, we help our medical AI partners to promote and improve the products
more partners coming soon
DICOM Viewer
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